Binar at a glance

Binar is the Noongar word for meteor – when the Spirit Mother’s children on Earth are in need of help, She sends her star children home in the form of meteors.

Binar began in 2011 as one local basketball team of six Indigenous youths supported by our founder Adam Desmond

Binar has grown to now having over 1,800 young people (78% Aboriginal) involved in the Perth Metro area and surrounds.

Our programs now include Sports, Culture, Youth Leadership and Youth Development.

More than this, we have become a support system and extended family to everyone involved.

Binar has been sustained as a grassroots organisation by a huge effort from volunteers and philanthropic donations from individuals and local businesses

Our Story speaks to a culture that values community, family and connection to country.

Nerolie Bynder Artist Biography

NEROLIE is a proud Whadjuk Noongar Badimia Yamatji woman, contemporary visual artist, mother and grandmother. Her family line connects from the southwest areas of Albany, Mt Barker areas to the Swan River and the Midwest, Gascoyne regions around Geraldton, Mt Magnet and Paynes Find. Nerolie is very proud to express her connection to her country. She loves to entwine her unique cultural bloodlines from South to North in all her artworks. She especially likes to let her spirit shine in her beautiful art.
Nerolie has always been interested in art from a very young age and had paint, sculptural works and other art mediums around her which inspired her to create her own style, as well as her cultural elements, that she uses in her works today.

Influenced by her mother’s artistic outlook on life, her inspiration comes from the old people’s words, her life journey and her family. She likes to paint for calmness, healing, to keep happy and healthy and share her cultural expression, Contributing to the sacred practise of passing down knowledge.

Nerolie uses both bright colours and earthy tones and puts no boundaries on her art as she tries contempory styles that have a message of her ancient culture. Painting gives her strength, and she finds it beautiful when she creates, through