Location of Warehouse / Shop:

15/24 Brand Drive Thomastown Victoria 3074.

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri. 10am – 4pm. Ph: 03 9464 1721

We Are Complete UniformStore

Fiddes Sport has been supplying basketball uniforms and product since 1977. Supplied the NBL for over 25 years, supplied the Australian Olympic team and hundreds of clubs and associations around Australia.

Fiddes were the And1 footwear and accessories distributor for Australasia and the global And1 distributor of team wear and accessories, including bags, balls and team uniforms.

Under Armour was introduced into the Australian market by Fiddes. Owned the NBL North Melbourne Giants, Victoria Titans and the Victoria Giants.

New Era cap was distributed in Australia by Fiddes.

Fiddes now supplies a full range of basketball and team gear, including:

Why Choose Fiddes

At Fiddes, we offer a compelling reason to stand out as your preferred choice for uniform solutions.

Best Quality

Save Money

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Thanks to their expansive range of customizable uniform styles and expert guidance, our team now proudly sports uniforms that perfectly encapsulate our brand’s unique spirit and vision.

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