Custom Uniforms

Fiddes Custom Uniforms

Use the information here to build your own custom uniform by selecting:
  • Uniform style
  • Fonts
  • Font colours
  • Uniform colours
  • Upload images
  • Quantity
  • You can also send us instructions or questions and we will get back to you shortly.

    Uniform styles

    Choose from one of our exciting uniform styles.
    You can customise our uniform styles with your own colour, design and fonts:


    Choose from one of our Font styles.

    You can customise them with your own colour and design (Straight or Arched), or even provide your own font/colour design


    This is our basic selection.

    Any colour you can think of can be used or you can choose one from below. It’s up to your imagination to get the combination that best suits your design. Just note the colour ad add it to your request.

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